Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection Information

Car paint protection refers to the addition of a protective layer to the cars paintwork. The addition of this layer helps to prevent the build up road going dirt and help to protect the cars bodywork.

There is a vast array of products out there ranging in price from a few pound to 00's of pounds. Some of the best paint protection products out there are a mixture of waxes including a type of wax called Carnauba. Thus wax helps to produce a glossy finish, which is ideal, especially for the cars paintwork. Products such as these do need to be topped up on a regular basis as they only place an extremely thin protective layer on the car. Depending on how often and the conditions in which the car is being used, this can erode quite quickly.

In recent times, car paint protection has moved on and now car paint protection films are being introduced. These is a thermoplastic, urethane clear film that is stuck to the painted surfaces on a car to dramatically improve its resistance to every day dirt, stone chips, bug splatters and minor scuffs and scrapes. This type of film is also used on planes, motorcycle and they racing industry, where it is now being introduced to the more mainstream daily driven car market.

Car manufactures such as Porsche will place this type of car paint protection on their new vehicle, such as on the rear arches to prevent unsightly stone chips ruining the paintwork. This type of car paint protection is usually installed by trained professionals who will have their own premises and some even offer a mobile service.

If you do take pride in the way your car looks and are looking to keep that shine on your car, then looking in to adding any form of car paint protection is for you.

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