Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars Information

Vintage cars are usually defined as cars that were built between 1919 and 1930, also known as the vintage era. The USA and UK's definition of a vintage car differ as the UK are set on 1930 as a cut off date, whilst in the USA 1925 is the preferred cut off date. Some also consider the start of WW2 to be the end of the vintage car era.

Cars coming from the vintage era come from an era where cars, at the start of the era were a luxury and very rare. Up until the end of the 1920's where cars were much more common on the roads. Production of cars from this time period was not matched until the 1950's although many developed countries used the interim period to develop the road networks.

In more modern times, due to the rarity of vintage cars, coupled with the safety issues, vintage cars are not a common sight on the roads in the UK. Vintage cars are either safely tucked away in a collection or some are available to hire through specialist companies for events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Vintage cars, although rare are still available to hire and or collect, so it's always worth speaking to a local vintage car specialists to see what is on offer.

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