Car Phone Kits

Car Phone Kits Information

Car phone kits/hands free kits have been available for many years since mobile phones have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Since 2003, in the UK it has been an offence to use a handheld mobile phone whilst driving. This was introduced as it was proven that using a mobile phone whilst driving does impair the drivers' awareness and attention to the road and the other users.

Many modern cars include a device or a car phone kit already installed as standard or as an option. On the market there a multitude of retro fit car phone kits available to accommodate mobile phones of all shapes and sizes. Many of the car phone kits available include a cradle for the mobile phone to rest in and many have a speaker fitted to this.

Most of the car phone kits available today incorporate Bluetooth technology that connects straight to the cars stereo and enables the driver to safely answer telephone calls with the simple touch of a button the steering wheel and the conversation being played out through the cars speakers with a built in microphone allowing the driver to communicate safely without the need to remove their hands from the steering wheel.

With the need for some people to talk whilst on the go, having a car phone kit is a necessity. Not only to stay within the law but to also reduce accidents on the UK's roads. So if you do need to talk and drive at the same time, installing one of the many car phone kits available is a must.

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