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A van is a type of vehicle that has been designed to transport people of goods.

In the UK, vans that are available for van hire have been specifically designed for this purpose such as the Ford Transit or the Mercedes Sprinter. Some other van designs are adaptations of current cars such as the Vauhall Corsa van. Many vans are classed as light commercial vehicles and can weigh up to about 4 tonnes.

One of the most common and well known vans in the UK is the Ford Transit. The first Transit van was launched in 1965, although the transit name has been used by ford since the 1950's. Since its inception, over its many design generations, Ford has sold over 6,000,000 transit vans. They are produced with literally a limitless number of options and add-ons, depending on what its use if for. Many are used in construction industry as they are well known for their load capacity. Other versions include a people carrying version (Tourneo) that, instead of load capacity it has additional seating. The transit van has also been adapted for use as ambulances, campervans and even a stretched version has been produced called the Transit XXL.

Cramming goods in to a car can be a nightmare and if not done correctly, dangerous. Quick calls to a local van hire company and they will be able to help you out, whatever your requirements are.

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