Truck Hire

Truck Hire Information

Trucks are available to hire in many styles, shapes and sizes. Generally, trucks are preferred when large, bulky or heavy goods need to transported. Typical trucks include 'flatbed trucks'. These consist of a passenger cab usually with 3 seats and then an open air transporting bay at the rear. Length and weight of these vehicles vary from a weight capacity of 1 tonne upwards. Other truck designs cater for many industries including long haulage, construction, distribution and trucks that are built for special purposes such as those built for the fire fighting service.

One of the largest and most popular truck manufacturers in the UK includes Scania. Scania is a Swedish manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses. The company was founded in 1891 and have assembly and production plants in Europe, Africa & Asia. They specialise in the development and manufacture of trucks that weigh of more than 16 tonnes that are intended for use of long distance haulage as well as local distribution of good both for the consumer and construction markets.

The company also employ around 35,000 worldwide.

If you are looking to transport some goods that may be too big for a trailer of car then a call to a local truck hire company will be a step in the right direction.

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