Car Respraying

Car Respraying Information

Car respraying is the trade of spraying paint (either the same colour or different colour/colours) onto the exterior panels of a car. This type of spraying is carried out by trained professionals. As paint is a liquid in form, spraying a car correctly is absolutely crucial to ensure there are no paint runs and that the coats of paint applied are even.

Much car respraying work is carried out in what is called a spray booth. This is a sealed and pressure controlled environment that is used to spray whole cars or individual panels. To make sure that the optimum environment for spraying in the booth is kept at a constant, the spray booth is equipped with one or more ventilation systems. This helps to remove any of the over sprayed paint from the air that helps with the evenness of the paint.

In more recent times, car paint technology has moved on and now car respraying (of small areas anyway) can now be done outside of the workshop with simply the use of a spray gun, special heather to dry the paint and, of course, a qualified person. These mobile car respraying services are great for removing bad patches of paintwork without having to leave your car in the workshop for a few days.

Some car respraying can be done yourself, well for those minor things anyway. But for the greater part of car respraying, to get that perfect finish, it's best left to the professionals.

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