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Car loans/finance consists of the different financial products that enable someone to buy a new car. This is usually done with the arrangement of spreading the payments over a period of time rather that one large lump sum. The funds for the car loan / finance are provided by a third party, usually this company will solely specialize on loaning money / financing the purchase of cars. This can be for a private individual or a main dealer.

A Personal car loan / finance arrangement is completely different to personal finance and there are numerous products available from a list of companies.

Different types of these arrangements include your straightforward car loan, personal contract, hire purchase and personal contract purchase deals. The different car loan / finance options have been made possible and available due to the high value of cars.

Car finance came around because most car prices were out of reach for most people without borrowing the money. The funds for personal car finance can be provided by either a bank or, in most, cases it is provided by a car finance specialist. Some of the car manufacturers will already have their own car loan / finance in place. Some of the terms may include that the company supplying the car loan / finance may retain the ownership of the car during the contract period. The car loan / finance is either arranged by the dealer you are purchasing your car from of in some cases by a private broker who can look at all of the options available by any number of different lenders.

As long as there are new cars being produced then there will car loans / finance to help purchase these vehicles. If you are looking to buy a new car, but don't have all the money to buy it out right, then a car loans / finance could be the option for you. Subject to status!

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