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There are many motorcycle clothing stores and suppliers up and down the UK. Motorcycle clothing is not used so the person riding the motorcycle wants to look good. Motorcycle clothing is designed to improve the safety of the motorcycle rider. There are specially designed jackets, boots, gloves and helmets available to motorcycle riders to add a layer of protection if an accident was to occur.

Many jackets that are designed for motorcyclists are typically made from nylon, Kevlar, leather or a combination of the 3. They feature extra padding on the spine, shoulder and elbow regions. The gloves are made from Kevlar or leather and some feature knuckle protectors made from carbon fibre. Motorcycle boots, especially motorcycle boots used for sports bikes have reinforcement and plastic capping around the toe and ankle areas. Shins protectors are also present in many motorcycle boots. Motorcycle leathers are usually one-piece suits that offer a protective layer which is made specially designed to be moderately flexible, stronger and much tougher. Many modern motorcycle leathers contain armour on the inside of the suit in the major impact regions such as the back area, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. This armour is made up of a mix of high density foam, hard polymers and carbon fibre.

Having the right motorcycle clothing when riding, is one of the most important factors on the busy roads of today. Visiting a local motorcycle clothing supplier or specialist will be able to help.

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