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Proper motorcycle training teaches motorcycle riders the basic skills that are required to ride on British roads. For any motorcyclist the first stage of any motorcycle training is passing the Compulsory Basic Training course, or CBT. The CBT was introduced to the UK in 1990 with the means of reducing accident involving inexperienced motorcyclists by teaching riders then basics of not only how to ride a motorbike properly but also how to do so safely out on the road.

The CBT is carried out by registered instructors who have to register with an Approved Training Body (ATB). On completion of the CBT, riders from 16 years old are allowed to ride a moped with an engine size of up to 50cc with a provisional driving license. If the rider has a full driving license and is over 17 years old, this allows them to ride a motorbike of up to 125cc engine capacity.

Following the completion of the CBT the rider then has 2 years to pass their full motorcycle license (both theory & practical) or they will have to retake the CBT. Once the full license is obtain the rider must wait at least 2 years before they can ride a motorcycle of any engine size. If the rider is over 21, or reach 21 before the 2 years end they have 2 options, they are:

  • Direct Access: This is when a rider is over 21 and has passed the motorcycle practical test on a motorcycle with a power output of at least 35Kw; this allows them to ride a motorcycle of any size.
  • Accelerated Access: If the rider has passed the practical and reach 21 before the 2 year restriction period is up then a further practical test can be taken for larger motorcycles of at 35Kw.

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