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MOT Test Information

An MOT test is required by law for all vehicles over three years old including motorcycles if they are to be used on public roads. Certain vehicles, such as taxis and passenger vehicles with more than eight seats require testing after just one year.

The MOT test is designed to ensure that a vehicle meets minimum environmental and road safety standards. You need to have a current MOT test certificate (VT20) to tax your vehicle.

MOT Test Stations

MOT testing stations are usually private concerns that are authorised by VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

MOT test stations can be identified by the blue 'three triangles' logo which they must display. They must also display:

  • VT9a - fees and appeals poster
  • VT26 - list of nominated testers
  • VT9 - authorisation of examiner

The testers at the station must be authorised by VOSA with the premises and equipment meeting their required standard.

When to get your Vehicle MOT Tested

You can take your vehicle in for an MOT test up to one month before the expiry date of your old MOT. If the old MOT certificate is presented, then the new MOT will run from the expiry date of old MOT. This rule also applies if a vehicle is presented for a test up to one month before its first test.

Cost of the MOT Test

Vehicles are divided up into different classes and MOT test centres can qualify to test one or all of these classes. The cost of an MOT depends on the class of the vehicle being tested.

A duplicate test certificate can be obtained from the Test Station that performed the original test. There is an extra cost involved but this should not exceed £10 or half the cost of the original test, which ever is the least.

MOT Re-Tests

On 11th of September 2006 the rules regarding re-tests changed.

  1. If the vehicle remains at the test station for repair after failure then it can have a free re-test up to 10 working days after the original (excluding weekends and bank holidays).
  2. If it is removed from the premises for repair and then returned before the end of 10 working days it can have a test at half the original fee paid (rounded down to the nearest penny).
  3. After the 10 day period a full fee can be charged again.

If you are not happy with the way your test was carried out you should let your local VOSA office know straight away. You can find your local VOSA office here or by calling the MOT enquiry line on 0845 600 5977. If you disagree with the result of an MOT test you should firstly discuss it with the test station involved and if the matter cannot be resolved you must complete and send a VT17 Appeal Form to VOSA, which is available from the test station, within 14 working days.

Further sources of MOT test information

The government provides information on the MOT Test and your rights on their motoring web site.

You may want to conduct a mock mot test to help you evaluate your vehicle.

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