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Vehicle imports have become more popular in more recent years, with more and more vehicle import dealers starting up all over the UK, a wider variety of vehicles that are not sold as part of the mainstream here in the UK are now available for buyers wishing to own or drive a car that is a little bit different.

The popular countries to import vehicles are either from the USA or Japan. Models such as Hummers, the larger Ford F150 trucks and imported performance cars from Japan have gained in popularity in the UK due to their rarity.

A vehicle imports company will specialise in the finding, shipping and sale of imported vehicles wherever in the world a customer is looking to buy from. Some vehicle importers will have already completed the necessary paperwork and have vehicle in a showroom ready to be sold. In instances where the vehicle is still in another country, the vehicle that is looking to be imported in to the UK must undergo a checklist to ensure that the vehicle is legal for use on the UK's roads. The vehicle will, if being imported from outside of the European Union, must pass a Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) Inspection. This scheme is managed by VOSA. Any VAT, duty or taxes must also be paid in accordance with HM revenue & Customs. Until some or all of these are met, then the vehicle cannot be registered to be driven legally on the roads in the UK.

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