Car Trim / Upholstery

Car Trim / Upholstery Information

Car trim/upholstery refers to the parts & materials used in a car's interior. A car's upholstery includes the seat, headlining and carpets etc. And the trim would include such items as the dashboard and its related components. Car trim/upholstery can range (like most bits on a car) in quality. The quality of the car trim/upholstery usually comes as an added extra, whether you are looking at a standard plastic based interior trim with regular cloth upholstery. Or, you are looking to have veneered wooden panelling and leather upholstery, the options are out there.

Some of the finest car trim/upholstery arrangements are found, none other, Rolls Royce. No expense is spared when it comes to crafting a Rolls Royce car trim/upholstery. Each part of the car trim/upholstery is hand crafted by trained technicians. No less than 17 hides are used to upholster one standard Rolls Royce Phantom. Each piece of the leather is cut with a precision laser before it is hand stitched. Each Rolls Royce Phantom consists of a staggering 400 individual pieces of leather for the upholstery/trim. German Bavarian bull hides are used for these interiors as they are larger or it is sometimes from bulls that have been reared in South Africa or even Argentina. The craftsmen at Rolls Royce stay away from using cow hide; they consider these to be of no use as they contain stench marks.

Each of the wooden veneered panels consist of up to 28 layers and every piece is carefully selected to that the left side matches the left side or ''book matched'' as it is known. The wooden car trim has around 56 parts that need manufacturing. Around 10 squares meters of 0.6mm thick veneer is used with wood types ranging from Elm that is grown in the UK, to Walnut grown in California.

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