Shipping / Storage

Shipping / Storage Information

Shipping is the process of physically transporting goods, vehicles etc. by sea.

Across the UK there are specialists companies who will help in the transporting of vehicles to countries all over the world. When shipping a vehicle to another country there are certain process', forms to fill in, domestic taxes etc, that need to be paid before the vehicle can legally be sold or driven in the country the vehicle is being shipped to. Companies that operate shipping services from the UK should be licensed and insured t carry out this service who will normally work with other overseas shipping agents to ensure the safe departing and arrival of the vehicle.

Costs for shipping vary from company to company and country to country. Much of the rate is dependent on the amount of traffic that is moving to that part of the world, shipping costs, oil prices; competition from other shipping companies the size of the vehicle, the distance that the vehicle is travelling and currency fluctuations. Insurance and collection charges may also apply at both ends of the shipping process.

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