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More and more garages are adapting to caravan service/repairs as caravanning holidays grow in popularity. Caravans are like any vehicle, they will need servicing and repairing from time to time, this is why it is important that if you are looking to have your caravan serviced or repaired then it is done so by experienced professionals.

As many caravans have gas pipes and connections and water pipes. Caravan servicing & repairs can be a mixture of the work a mechanic would do along with property maintenance.

Caravan service / repairs companies, like many car servicing garages, have different levels of servicing they can perform. Basic services include checking the running gear, the electrics and lights. Right the way up to a full service that includes an electrical check, braking system, tyres, hub-nuts and lubricants. Caravan habitation servicing is also common and these check the electrical and gas appliances that are contained within the caravan as well as a damp report, this is crucial for checking the areas that may be most susceptible to the ingress of damp.

Like cars and other vehicles, caravans should be serviced once a year and the tyres should be changed every 5 years. Even if the tyres have not been used that much, they can perish through the winter months and leaving your caravan on axel stands is advised.

The hub-nuts should be changed every service, gas pipes should be replaced every 5 years and checked on a regular basis for any cracks / perishing.

Caravan service/repair is a vital part of keeping a caravan roadworthy and above all, safe to use. So make sure an experienced and approved carry out your caravan service/repair for peace of mind.

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