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Modern caravans are like home from home for people who enjoy caravanning. With many caravans being able to be fitted with different ranges of caravan accessories, more and more people are taking to caravan holidays. Caravan accessories such as flat screen TV's, stereos and cookers have made caravanning a lot more of an attractive proposition.

There are many companies who specialise in the supply and installation of caravan accessories. Depending on your budget and size of caravan, any number of accessories can be added. Some of the main accessories that can be added include fridges, ovens, stoves, grills & microwaves, powered wheel mover systems to help move the caravan in to position easier once it has been unhitched, MP3 compatible stereo's, showers, modern heating / air conditioning systems, TV'S with satellite link.

Pretty much any accessories and comforts you have in your home can be designed, supplied and installed in to a caravan.

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