Motorcycle Service / Repair

Motorcycle Service / Repair Information

All motorcycle, just like cars, will need servicing or repairing at some point in their lives. Although they are obviously smaller than cars it doesn't make them any simpler. This is why, unless you are confident in servicing or repairing a motorcycle yourself, it is worth speaking to a motorcycle service & repair specialists to get an expert opinion first.

Unlike cars, motorcycles do need a routine of inspections and general maintenance performed on them on a regular basis. The average car needs servicing every 15,000 Km but a motorcycle service is recommended every 5,000 Km. Having a motorcycle serviced at regular intervals helps keep it running at its optimum performance, it can also help to identify and prevent any serious problems developing that could cost a more money if not spotted early enough.

Regular maintenance and servicing includes the checking of the tyres, making sure they are inflated to the correct level and that the tread is to a legal level.

Checking the brakes is a very important part of motorcycle servicing, checking the brake fluid levels and replacing the brake pads when needed.

Regular oil and filter changes are recommended as factors such as high speed, temperatures, short trips and heavy traffic can all deteriorate the quality of you filters and the quality of your oil.

Keeping the chain, sprocket & pinion well lubricated with a professional chain spray. Its recommended every five hours running time, once a month or every 300Km, whichever comes first. Also check the slack on the chain, it should not be taught and generally a sag tolerance of 20-40mm between the sprocket & pinion is sufficient.

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