Commercial Vehicle Tyres

Commercial Vehicle Tyres Information

Commercial vehicle tyres are available from commercial vehicle tyre suppliers/specialists. Due to their usage, tyres that are used on commercial have to undergo a greater number of daily stresses maybe due to the amount of miles the tyres are subject to on a daily basis, or, for the load that the tyre maybe under for long periods of time. It is important that when having new tyres fitted to a commercial that they are correct for the everyday use of the commercial vehicle to which they are fitted.

Some regular tyres shops will stock a small number of commercial tyres. But for the rest of the industry, visiting a specialist is the only way to obtain the correct tyre they are looking for. Also, much larger equipment and tools normally have to be used for the removal of the wheel and tyre.

Legislation that governs commercial vehicle tyres is also different to regular cars. The law states that a maximum of 2 types of tyre may be used on a commercial vehicle. As the tyres behave differently, this could have an adverse effect on the vehicles handling. It is also illegal to drive with different types of tyres that are fitted on the same axel, be it fixed or a steering axel. The same goes for driven axels.

All groves must be at least 1mm deep across three quarters of the tyre. The tyre must not be driven around on the wrong pressure and it is illegal to drive on a tyre with a lump, bulge or with a cut longer than 25mm.

Tyres for commercial use have very strict guidelines so it is imperative that when fitting new tyres to a commercial vehicle, the speaking to commercial vehicle tyre specialists is a wise choice.

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