Commercial Service / Repair

Commercial Service / Repair Information

A commercial vehicle is a type of vehicle that can be used for transporting passengers or goods. In the EU, a commercial vehicle that is of a construction that it can transport more than 9 people including the driver, goods and standard fuel tanks. These are tanks that are permanently fitted to the vehicle by the manufacturer to vehicles of the same type as the vehicle in question whose permanent fitting enables fuel to be used not only for the purpose of propulsion, but also for refrigeration purposes.

With many commercial vehicles being larger than your standard cars, there are specially adapted commercial service & repair centers that specialize in the service & repair of these types of vehicles. As with all vehicles in the UK, commercial vehicles also have to be serviced and have an MOT to make sure that they are of condition that is deemed roadworthy. Commercial vehicle service & repair centre will have specially adapted equipment to cater for larger commercial vehicles such as, larger hydraulic ramps that can take the increased weight of a commercial vehicle. They will also have access to certain tool and parts that some commercial vehicles will require when undergoing a service or repair. The mechanics who will undertake the necessary repairs will, in most cases, be specially trained in that specific area in order to carry out that repair or service to the required standard.

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