Exhausts Information

An exhaust systems help to remove the exhaust gases caused by then combustion of fuel in the engine. The exhaust system in most cars will comprise of several components starting with the cylinder head and the manifold, once the gas has passed through the manifold it is then sent via the exhaust pipe to catalytic converter, the job of the catalytic converter is to reduce the number of dangerous chemicals in the exhaust gases. From there it passes through a silencer to quieten the noise and then out through the tail pipe.

There are many aftermarket exhaust parts available from exhaust specialists that can be retro fitted to many vehicles. The majority of these aftermarket exhausts can increase the power the car produces as well as improving the visual appeal and increasing the noise level the car can produce.

Some performance aftermarket exhausts are made from one piece of stainless steel and remove the silencer box and sometimes the catalytic converter. By removing certain parts of the exhaust systems, it decreases the back pressure generated and makes the car 'breath' easier. Although, the disadvantages of removing these parts are an increase in pollution that could cause the car to fail an emissions test and an increase in noise pollution.

There are literally 00's of different designs and styles of exhausts available that can range in performance capabilities. Before looking at upgrading or changing your exhaust is probably best to contact a local exhausts specialists for professional advice.

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