Car Washes

Car Washes Information

Traditionally, car washes have been static sites where you can drive your car into the car wash and the car is cleaned promptly. Some car washes are 'hand car washes' where a team of people will clean your car in different stages from the initial jet wash to final leathering. Car washes are cheaper than the more tailored service of car valeting. Although, some car washes, these days to offer a car valeting service for an extra fee.

There are also many automated car washes located all over the county, many are found on the same site as petrol stations. These are quick easy and convenient for people who just want their car to look clean without waiting too long for it to be done. These range from just a simple shampoo and wash down of the body work, to the machine also washing the wheels and drying the car.

If you are just looking to clean the car without the waiting that a valeting service will take, then visiting a local car wash is the choice for you.

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