Car Accessories

Car Accessories Information

Car accessories can include a multitude of products that are associated with cars and vehicles of all kinds. Car accessories are usually broken down into different categories that include Emergency & Breakdown accessories, Interior accessories, Exterior accessories, Baby/Child accessories and Lighting accessories.

Common car accessories that most drivers will have are accessories such as warning triangles. Warning triangles are used my motorists who have broken down in order to warn other motorists that they are approaching a potential hazard. UK Government guild lines recommend that a warning triangle should be placed at least 45meters (147 feet) behind the vehicle on the same side of the road. Warning triangles also should not be used on the Motorways.

Further car accessories that are available are Xenon/ High-intensity Discharge Lamps (HID) conversion kits. Many newer cars will already be fitted with brighter headlights as standard. Conversion kits are available for virtually all makes and models. There are many benefits of fitting this type of headlight; the main reasons are to increase the drivers' visibility of the road ahead in dark conditions. Further benefits include greater efficiency and a sharper beam pattern.

There are literally 00's of car accessories available to the UK motorists from fluffy dice and a shiny handbrake cover to car battery booster packs and winter condition driving accessories. Whatever your need is, there is a product available from a local car accessories specialist.

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