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Motoring Insight Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Motoring Insight?
We can be contacted via our contact form or in any of the following ways:
What is Motoring Insight?
Motoring Insight is a web directory which promotes companies directly involved in the motoring industry.
How can I purchase an advert?
You can contact our sales department on 0203 151 6410 to discuss the options open to you, or you can email our sales team and we can call you back at a time convenient to you.
What areas does Motoring Insight cover?
Motoring Insight currently covers 33 Counties across the UK as well as Wales, which we have divided into areas representing the larger towns in each County. For details of out future plans check out our "About Us" page
How do I change an existing advert on Motoring Insight?
Simply email or ring our Customer Service Department and they will make any changes to your advert.
How will my details be used?
If you are a visitor, we do not currently hold any details about you. If you are an advertiser, we will use any details you give to us to complete your advert, putting only the contact details and wording that you choose. For our policy on using any sensitive information we may hold, please see our privacy policy
What is your privacy policy?
You can view our full privacy policy by clicking here. We work strictly to the guidelines set out by The Data Protection Act 1998.
How can I search for what I want on Motoring Insight?
Simply select the category you are interested in from the drop-down list (e.g. 'auto electricians') and then the town (e.g. 'Chelmsford'). Alternatively, from the Home Page, you can select the category from the list in the centre column and you will be presented with a list of towns and surrounding areas to choose from. Either way, you will be presented with a list of companies that match your criteria, along with reviews, full address details, contact details and where possible links to each companies web-site, location maps and an e-mail contact form.
I am looking for a type of business which I cannot find listed?
The categories available on the site are always being added to and we try to offer a comprehensive list of categories for you to choose from. If you feel the site would benefit from a new category, please feel free to let us know by emailing us or by ringing us on 0203 151 6410.
Are there any guarantees that businesses advertised will offer a first rate service?
Although all the companies who advertise on Motoring Insight are not connected to us directly, we do feel we owe it to our users to follow up any complaints we may get about any advertisers on the site. We hope that any user would get a first rate service from any of our advertisers.
Do you de-list advertisers who give poor service?
If we receive a complaint about a business advertising on Motoring Insight, we look into each matter and deal with them as individual cases. In cases where we feel a business has a track record of bad service, we will de-list them.
I am a business which would like to be listed. What guarantees are there as to the level of business I will receive through my advert?
As with all forms of advertising it is impossible to guarantee the level of business which will be generated by an advert. What we can promise is that we are dedicated to marketing Motoring Insight both online and through traditional means. We are constantly improving Motoring Insight to make it easier to use and navigate, so that the general public will come back to it time and time again.
Is your service free?
Motoring Insight is free to use, but advertisers pay a membership fee in order to join. Membership gives an advertiser many benefits including a full listing on our directory as well as discounts on various goods and services offered by site partners. See the full list of membership benefits.
Still not found what you're looking for?
We can be contacted via our contact form or in any of the following ways:

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